The Archivist — Chapter 14

Enjoy Chapter 14 of The Archivist from Anna Dobritt’s blog

Anna Dobritt -- Author

Chapter 14

Damn it! What does that outline mean? Lennie checked her messages. A reply from Brant awaited her.

We have had reports of two other Archivists with this ability. No one knows what it means, but I spoke to the head Scryer about it and she believes it has to do with the shadows that have been spotted. Keep a close eye on Nickie and let me know if she has seen it around anyone else.

Her fingers moved fast in reply.

Nickie says the outline surrounds Ryan Jones. We’re supposed to discuss exploring an abandoned building near the river, but now I’m not sure if Ryan should be included.

For now, include him in the group, but don’t let him read your reports or journals. His job is to take photographs and record the exploration, nothing more. If he tries to step outside of those bounds, inform me…

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