Review: Dating Down by Alex Dunn

Check out the book, Dating Down, by Alex Dunn in this review on the Happy Meerkat Reviews blog


I was kindly sent a free copy of this book by the author Alex Dunn.  Dating Down is a YA romance novel with ay different feel to it which I liked.  Here is my review.

Eager to look good in front of the popular girls at school, Tammy brags about her new boyfriend who’ll be taking her to her school dance. The only problem is he doesn’t really exist, except in the pages of her favourite novels. On the night of the school dance Tammy runs away but meets Gary who manages to agree to become Ralph for one night, but is Gary the right guy for Tammy?

This is a surprisingly good read which had me turning the pages throughout. ‘Dating Down’ is a YA Romance with a very different feel but one I really enjoyed. The story chapters alternate between Tammy and Gary, each chapter being told in…

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