Meet Guest Author Luna Saint Claire…

Meet guest author Luna Saint Claire from The Story Reading Ape Blog

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

It may have begun with the healing ceremony. I’d been assured of the bitter potion’s virtues. Then, Nico was there with me, his bare skin radiant in the moonlight. His muscles rippled as he took me by the hand and led me up the precipice beyond the falling water.

A rainbow of colors emanating from him enveloped me, and I thrilled at sharing his aura. I gently caressed his face, running my fingers across his lips to feel their softness.

Pulling my fingers through his hair, I reveled in the certainty his energy commingled with mine—I was with him in forever time.

Gazing into his eyes, I plummeted into the dark green pool of memories and familiar feelings from long ago.

Nico was softly chanting and I heard my name. I tumbled deeper and deeper, spiraling down a funnel of undulating rivers, amidst fragrant pine trees, and the sweet scent…

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