Lifestyle 101: My Philosophy on Life

Here is some insight into photojournalist Stephen Dennstedt’s philosophy on life from his blog.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Over the years my philosophy on life has changed—I suspect that might be a consequence of getting older. Getting older often allows you to gain some much-needed perspective and provides context to your life. Once upon a time I thought I only wanted to live as many years as I could—that philosophy or mindset has changed. Now it’s about quality of life and not quantity of life. There is a difference.

I’ve reached the age (70 next month) where I’ve experienced the loss of family, friends and peers. A quick glance at my high school graduating class (1965) obituary page confirms that I am part of an ever-shrinking group. Death gives life poignancy and meaning; without death we wouldn’t really appreciate life. So I’ve come to believe it’s not just about the years lived but rather the quality of those years. Every year well-lived is a gift.

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