3 Reasons Your Blog Is Wasting Your Time (And Not Helping Build Your Author Platform Or Launch Your Book)

Here are some great thoughts about blogging for writers in this post by Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Your humble host. your humble host

I was thinking about doing a blog post about increasing the traffic to your blog or something, but when I’ve done those in the past…

Well, let me put it this way.

It seems like – and I could be wrong – that authors want to have a blog with a decent following (to help launch their books or whatever).

However, many times when I’d do a blog post about “how to grow your blog,” it didn’t seem to get a lot of views.

Some, but not as many views as some of the other things – like the one I recently did about humiliating yourself at a signing event.

I think part of the reason was because I would put screen shots of my blog’s growth, and my guess is,

authors don’t like to look at bar charts.

Because no one does.

Part of…

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