Check out this giveaway of the book, The Hedge King in Winger, by Michael Dellert Details are in his blog post.


The King is Crippled!

Can his brother, Lord Eowain, hold the kingdom together against the machinations of their rival cousin?

See where it all began!

Hedge King in Winter Amazon Kindle Giveaway, from Michael E. Dellert

Join the growing cult gathering around the Matter of Manred Saga and read it from the beginning!

“It’s not just good. It’s one of my new favorites . . . Michael Dellert has produced a work of dark fantasy that I can’t get enough of. Hedge King in Winter is only the merest taste of this complex and deeply researched world.”
–Erin Sandlin, Being Southern Somewhere Else

“Filled with intrigue and political manipulation, and some very skilled word use by the author, Hedge King in Winter is a delightful read. It is apparent that Michael Dellert knows his subject matter intimately, and his use of language and names brings to mind ancient Celtic times of old and a setting that reminds one of the…

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