A Challenge to Authors With Blogs: Where Do You Write?

I thought I would pose a fun challenge for the authors out there. It’s a chance to help us learn a bit about you and how your process works. The environment that you’ve set up to write in is likely important to you in that it makes you most comfortable to embark on your creative journey.

My home office is a bit nerdy with a mix of many different things. My wife just looks in the door and shakes her head at the things with which I’ve decorated it.

I thought I would start this challenge with sharing (or oversharing) what my writing environment looks like.

I then challenge you to do the same.

Dedicate a post on your blog showing pictures and describing where the magic happens. I will then collect the links of every post that each author puts up and publish a master post so that everyone’s followers can see what the various writing environments look like.

Let’s make it fun.

So, here goes. I’ll start with some photos of the overall office:


This is the view from the door. My office is a converted bedroom. You can see my taste runs the gamut from spoofs of famous art work to nerdy collectibles and kid art projects. It’s all of my favorite stuff.

Special note: The white door literally leads to a closet (or cupboard) under the stairs.


The flight deck view of my office shows two 26 inch monitors. (I used to have 3). The right screen has a work in progress and the left screen is showing The Nerdist television show. I usually have something streaming on one of my screens. I actually need the audio and visual distraction while I write.


These are my collectible shelves. About a year ago, I joined a subscription service called Nerd Block. Each month, I get a box filled with nerdy goodies sent to me and I’ve tried to use these shelves to display my favorites.


This is my shelf with stuff from The Simpsons. I’ve watched every episode of this show since it started 28 years ago. My family always hoped I’d outgrow it. No such luck.


I have a small Game of Thrones collection. It’s not my favorite show of all time, but I do enjoy it. I have left the Jon Snow action figure in the box. I feel like it might be worth something if they every kill him off for good.


this is my random TV show shelf. My Pop Vinyl Raymond “Red” Reddington figure from The Blacklist is front and center and my newest purchase.


My Harry Potter collection is far too small. One prized piece, however, which is hard to see because of the glare, is an actual film cell from a Harry Potter film.


My superhero shelf has a lot of cool stuff. It is the most crowded of my collectible categories.


I have a growing collection from the Ghostbusters movies. The new film caused a resurgence in the popularity of this merchandise.


These are my items from the Lord of the Rings movies. It’s small, but growing.


My Star Wars collection includes a Darth Vader ice cube mold.


Here is another shelf of random movie memorabilia including Alien, Back to The Future, Beetlejuice and even Sixteen Candles.


I love New Orleans and this print is one that I bought while I was on a trip there. It actually was the inspiration for one of my short stories, Play it Again, Des, about a piano player that sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune.


This is my wall of book cover posters. I like to look at them from my chair every time I think I can’t finish a writing project. The newspaper on the bottom right is an article that featured my book, Blood Orange, in my hometown paper.


My bulletin board just has a few things on it. Artwork from my daughter, Pictures of my two daughters, More prints from New Orleans, a mind map for my latest book, a picture of my dad and a collection of all of the badges I’ve collected during my consulting career.


I’m from Syracuse, New York, and still root for the hometown college team. Their mascot is Otto the Orange. I’m not sure why he looks like he needs a shave. A spoiled orange might have fuzz on it like that.


When my youngest played soccer, I took this picture of her and had it made into a two foot tall vinyl sticker for the wall. She is next to the license plate from my car that displays the colors of my MBA alma mater. My older daughter totaled the car it used to be attached to.


From one of my favorite shows, I love this poster.


My Homer Simpson/Scream parody. Sorry for the reflection of the computer monitor.


My white board with some reminders (now obsolete) and some cool magnets to play with.

Here are some ‘D-List’ movie star autographs from the twins from The Shining and the mean sensei from the evil dojo from The Karate Kid

That was probably much more than you wanted to know about where I do my writing when I’m at home. I thought it would be fun. Again, if you want to share what your writing environment looks like, I’ll be glad to reblog it.


25 thoughts on “A Challenge to Authors With Blogs: Where Do You Write?

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  3. The PERFECT writing space, I love the creativity! I currently write in my bedroom, and it’s not the perfect scenario. A kid temporarily moving home comandeered my office space, and my computer was relocated to my bedroom. Not the idea situation as I’m now interested in Feng Shui and a computer or television in my room is not acceptable. In December, my writing space will return to its old location and I will decorate it accordingly. I am a lover of nature, hiking, and butterflies so that will be my focus. I will consider relocating my Vision Board to that space, but not sure as I need to meditate on it at the start and end of my day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We are ‘lucky’ enough that our six bedrooms are only being used by the three of us as my older kids have moved out. Wasting two bedrooms as offices for my wife and I is a bit indulgent, but we want to wait until our youngest finishes high school before downsizing, so it will be a while.

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