The Vanishing Lord : Prologue

Check out the prologue from the new Porter Girl novel from this post on the Porter Girl blog. It looks great!

Lucy Brazier

The new PorterGirl novel, The Vanishing Lord, is centered around Old College’s most valuable piece of artwork, the portrait of founding Master, Lord Arthur Layton. In the prologue, we learn the origins of the painting and a little of the fate that befell the unfortunate artist…

Old College; Summer 1448

Lord Arthur Layton shifted in his chair, the last of the evening sun clinging with amber fingertips to the window of his study in the Master’s Lodge. Although he possessed the physique of a man very much accustomed to sitting, he had been jammed into this same chair since just after breakfast; his left buttock had relinquished all feeling around teatime and now the right one was definitely starting to feel funny. “Please, my Lord, I just want to finish your hair before the light goes.”

From behind an enormous canvass came the voice of Ralph Eels, a promising…

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