The Little Breton Bistro by Nina George

Check out the book, The Little Breton Bistro, by Nina George, via Linda’s Book Bag blog

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Little Breton Bistro

My grateful thanks to Hayley Camis at Little Brown for a copy of The Little Breton Bistro by Nina George in return for an honest review.

The Little Breton Bistro was published by Abacus, an imprint of Little Brown, on 2nd March 2017 and is available for purchase in e-book and paperback here.

The Little Breton Bistro

Little Breton Bistro

Marianne Messman, a housewife, wants to escape her loveless marriage and an uncaring and unfeeling husband of 35 years. Marianne and her husband (army sergeant major Lothar) take a trip to Paris, during which Marianne leaps off the Pont Neuf into the Seine, but she is saved from drowning by a homeless man. Angered by her behaviour, major Lothar takes a coach trip back home to Germany, expecting that a psychologist will escort Marianne home a few days later.

However, Marianne comes across a hand-painted scene of the tiny port of Kerdruc…

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