Marianne Delacourt #AuthorInTheSpotlight @mdepierres @12planetpress #TooSharp

Meet author Marianne Delacourt, the author in the spotlight on the Portobello Book Blog

Portobello Book Blog


I’m very pleased to welcome Australian author Marianne Delacourt. Marianne has written several books and also writes under the name Marianne de Pierres. The latest in her Tara Sharp comic crime series, Too Sharp, was released last week. You’ll find buying links at the bottom of this post as well as the chance to read the first in the series for free. 

 Thanks for joining me Marianne. First of all, would you tell me a little about yourself?

Hi Joanne! I’m an Aussie mother with three grown up sons. I started writing seriously about twenty years ago, although I had wanted to be a writer since I was very small. I live in a sunny, hot place and I adore that kind of climate. It keeps me bright and optimistic even on bad writing days. Over my career, I’ve written all kinds of fiction: YA, crime, fantasy, SF and I’m…

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