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London Digital 2017: Can Self-Publishing Crack the Academic Market?

In 2016, self-publishing pioneer introduced Glasstree, a new service the company hopes might begin to reshape the academic and scholarly publishing market. Ahead of the London Book Fair, PW caught up with Glasstree’s Daniel Berze to learn more about the company’s plan to crack the academic publishing market wide open.

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13 books to read before they become movies in 2017

Summer movie season is almost upon us, which means you have some homework.

2017 has already had a handful of book-to-movie adaptations and there are a host more coming, featuring stars like Emma Watson, Idris Elba and Jacob Tremblay. But don’t worry, you still have time to head to the library, turn on your Kindle or audiobook and catch up. Here are 13 books that you’ll be hearing more about as the head to the screen later this year.

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Worthy reads about writing, publishing and forging books

Being an extremist, I like to know everything I can about the subjects that interest me. Take books. I’ve worked in used bookstores, learned simple bookbinding and taught college courses on publishing and the book arts. Reading “books about books” is consequently my idea of a good time. How good? Try one of the titles below and you’ll see.

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Amazon To Charge Sales Tax On Books Purchased Across US

On April 1st, Amazon will begin collecting sales tax on books and e-books, among the myriad other products the retailer sells, purchased in the states.

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Senior Man Writing Memoirs In Book Sitting At Desk

Coauthors, Ghostwriters, Collaborators: Writing May Not End Up All Roses

Early in my career, I collaborated with CEO Jim on his business book. After I’d completed the first draft and he reviewed it, we sat together to discuss a few revisions. Primarily, he wavered over whether to include this or that anecdote collected from an interview with a client or staff member.

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