Road Tales/Rode Tails (32)

Check out Road Tales/Rode Tails – Part 32 by Armond Blackwater

Armond Blackwater

Damage Control

The first thing I did upon my return home was call Patty. I was exhausted and in crazy wild need of sleep, but I called Patty first. Her phone was busy. I dialed again. Still busy. Shit. I wasn’t sure how she would react, but I wouldn’t have been able to sleep anyway with that worry hanging over my head. I thought about what I would say over and over as we drove straight through from San Francisco to Duluth in about 35 hours. We were all beat, partied out, drugged out, and desperately wanting to be home in our own bed.

“Patty?” I said tentatively.

“Armond? Thank you so very, very much for your letter,” Patty said when she heard my voice. “I’m so sorry I put you on the spot like that. I had no right. I didn’t mean to, but things had gotten so crazy…

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