Photography 101: Business Cards Are Important

Check out this post from Stephen Dennstedt on the importance of business cards

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Business cards are important. In this digital age it’s easy to dismiss an actual physical business card as passé or irrelevant but they’re not. It is a very inexpensive (and professional) way to promote and share your work. Every business person should have a business card and this doesn’t exclude photographers.

Business cards, like websites, should be simple. Less-is-More is always a good design philosophy. My business cards are simpler than most because: I am location independent and have no permanent address; I refuse to carry a phone during my travels so no phone number either, and I want to direct people to my website so I don’t clutter up my card with social media icons.

So what do I include on my card? My business name of course, which in this case is Indochine Photography. I also include my website address. I follow this…

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