Road Tales/Rode Tails (30)

Check out Road Tales/Rode Tails Part 30 from Armond Blackwater

Armond Blackwater

Down in Monterey

                Our agent set us up with a gig for the weekend in Monterey, California, which is down the coast a few miles from San Francisco. I loved the waterfront area of Monterey. The scene was exactly as John Steinbeck had described it in his novels Cannery Row, Tortilla Flat, and East of Eden.  The club was in a crappy little building on the waterfront that must have been his inspiration for The Palace Flophouse and Grill in Cannery Row.

Steinbeck was one of my favorite authors at the time. I read “Cannery Row” something like five times. I do that with books that I like. I always pick up things I missed in previous readings. The Grapes of Wrath ranked among the best novels I’d ever read. He may well have been the best American author of the 20th Century. There…

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