This week in Indie Publishing News


Self-Publishing and the Rise of the Indie Publisher

There is no question that the publishing world is changing, and much of this change can be attributed to Amazon and the invention of e-book readers. The numbers of readers who visit bookstores to browse for books and, for that matter, the numbers who order physical or hard-copy books have dropped significantly over the last decade. This change is even evident at public libraries; many now offer electronic copies of books. The publishing world used to be controlled by the big publishing houses, and authors nearly had to beg for them to look at their manuscripts. There was always the option to self-publish, but before companies like Amazon, it was nearly impossible to promote and sell your own book. Things sure have changed since I wrote and self-published my first book.

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Amazon Introduces Kindle Paperback

Amazon continues to up the ante on the booming self-publishing trend with their Kindle self-published eBooks by adding the paperback. You may think Amazon already lets authors publish books using the CreateSpace service. True. CreateSpace is a separate company, owned by Amazon. So, why then is Amazon now also letting authors publish a hard copy book under the Kindle program?

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5 Tips For Marketing Your Self-Published E-Book to Libraries

Public libraries represent a promising sales opportunity for self-published e-book authors. There are more than 9,000 public libraries in the U.S. A 2015 survey by Library Journal found that 94% of public libraries offer e-book checkouts and 39% of libraries either purchased or planned to purchase self-published e-books.

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Should Authors Go Exclusive with Amazon?

The Author Earnings report has come out once again, and if there’s any criticism to be lobbed its way, it’s that the data is thorough enough to make even the most fanatical number cruncher see spots. The breakdown in last month’s report is once again by sales channel, English speaking sales market, publication route, and more.

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Book Promotion Brilliance: The Great Unboxing Video

Book promotion brilliance is my phrase for great marketing ideas that I sometimes come across. Often, my encounter with these unexpectedly fresh, new ideas hits me suddenly and powerfully. I stumbled across one such brilliant book publicity example this morning thanks to a new indie author and self-publisher.

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