Meet Guest Authors Al & Sunny Lockwood…

Meet guest author Sunny Lockwood from this post on The Story Reading Ape Blog

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

As I gingerly step into my seventh decade on planet Earth, I’m filled with dreams and ready for adventure. 

When I was younger, I was eager to do it all — earn college degrees, travel widely,  run a business, write books, try all sorts of exciting things. I felt a type of urgency, like if I didn’t do all this stuff right now, I’d never do it and I’d end up old and full of regrets.

Is that do-it-now urgency a typical aspect of youth?  I think it may simply be part of a full and fulfilling life no matter what your age. We live in the now, don’t we. While we carry our past with us, and we look forward to tomorrow, the only time we really have is right now to do the things we long for.

In any event, I did all that I’d dreamed of doing…

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