Road Tales/Rode Tails (28)

It’s Road Tales/Rode Tails Part 28 from Armond Blackwater

Armond Blackwater

Take Good AIM

What sounded like a great idea – having two bands travelling together out west – didn’t turn out to be practical. We both hooked up with the Gary Van Zealand agency out of Madison, Wisconsin. Gary seemed to know every bar owner and concert promoter on the planet. We asked about the dual band tour. He said sure, no problem. However, when we got our itineraries from him neither band was ever near to the same city on the same date until an outdoor festival in San Jose, California on the Fourth of July. It was up to us to coordinate the tour with each other. We set up regular call points along the way to make sure neither was having troubles. The schedule also dashed any thoughts of my getting into Sandy Lindstrom’s knickers.

Dynasty would follow a route that took us through Eau Clare and…

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