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As someone who has always been socially inept, the prospect of standing in front of people and talking didn’t really occur to me until very recently and I now I often find myself screaming inside and running on nothing more than adrenalin. 

I never intended to write poetry.  This all started with pop-star ambitions until I realised that I couldn’t sing or play an instrument.  The song words that I had written for my World conquering band became poetry instead – that was thirty years ago. 

It has taken me all this time to wait for the right moment.  Some of the poems in HTBW are quite old, others more recent but they all display something that has stirred in me at some point along the way.  Much of what I have included in my first book may be thought of as provocative or bad taste, and to an extent if I have instilled that feeling in a reader then the job is done. 


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