Twitter for Authors, A Guest Post by Dane Cobain

Check out this guest post by Dane Cobain on the use of Twitter for authors via Linda’s Book Bag blog.

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I’m very pleased to welcome Dane Cobain back to Linda’s book Bag today. Dane previously wrote about the relevance of poetry and you can read that post here. So often I have authors contact me for a slot on the blog to promote their books but when I ask what their Twitter handle is so that I can tag them they tell me they don’t use social media! Today, Dane is sharing his tips for authors in making the most of Twitter.

You’ll find Dane’s fiction, poetry and non-fiction books here.


Twitter for Authors: Ten Top Tips

A Guest Post by Dane Cobain

For authors, Twitter is one of the best social networks around for reaching out to readers, engaging with fans and making an impact in the industry. Unlike many other social networks, Twitter is public by default, and its username-based system – as opposed to Facebook…

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