The Archivist — Chapter 12

Enjoy chapter 12 of The Archivist, by Anna Dobritt.

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Chapter 12 

Lennie’s handed a bottle of beer to Scott. “I don’t like how you handled this situation, but what’s done is done. From now on, any murders you have that concern runes you contact me immediately. I want to look around before your techs get there.” Lennie sat next to Nickie.

“All right. I take it wherever you go she goes?”

“Of course. She’s my Archivist Apprentice. If I’m any judge, she’ll reach Third-Class before she finishes her first year. I’m also her Keeper, in case you have forgotten.”

“So there’s nothing going on between the two of you?”

Nickie started laughing.

Lennie choked on her beer. “What the hell is wrong with everyone? Why this sudden interest in my personal life? Did someone put up a damn billboard that says ‘Lennie and Diane broke up’?”

“Sorry! It’s just I was at the diner the other day and was…

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