Spring Cleaning the TBR #guestpost by Bella Osborne author of Willow Cottage @osborne_bella @AvonBooksUK

Check out this guest post by author Bella Osbourne on the Portobello Book Blog.

Portobello Book Blog

Willow Cottage - Part Three: A Spring Affair (Willow Cottage Series) by [Osborne, Bella]

I’m very pleased to be joined by Bella Osborne, author of the Willow Cottage series of books. Part three, A Spring Affair, has been published today by Avon UK and is available to download for only 79p by clicking here. Bella has written a guest post about the kind of spring cleaning I think I should be doing too – spring cleaning the to-be-read pile!

Bella Osborne

Part 3 of Willow Cottage is set in springtime and, for some people, spring is about cleaning. In theory this is a great idea but seeing as we have to keep on top of the cleaning throughout the year, otherwise the dust bunnies mount a rebellion, it doesn’t seem like much fun to add on extra chores just because the daffodils are popping up. So instead I decided to have a look at my To Be Read (TBR) pile and decided to give that…

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