Road Tales/Rode Tails (24)

Enjoy Road Tales/Rode Tails – Part 24 from Armond Blackwater’s blog

Armond Blackwater

Love Me Two Times

I walked back home studying the album cover and paging through the sheet music. I was eagerly anticipating hearing this new compilation and learning each of the songs with the aid of the songbook. The season had to be late in the fall because it was freezing outside and Christmas wasn’t too far off, but I would have walked through a raging blizzard to secure the new Doors album.I received a call one fall day from Mark Ghostly, Jack’s brother and top salesman at Nickelson’s Music, alerting me to the arrival of The Door’s new album, “Strange Days”. I literally ran the two miles to the store to purchase a copy. What was even more mind-blowing great was that The Doors had produced an accompanying sheet music book for the album with keys, chords, notes, and lyrics for every song on the album. It was a…

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