An Interview with Marilyn Bennett, Author of Granny With Benefits

Check out this interview with author Marilyn Bennett from Linda’s Book Bag blog

Linda's Book Bag

Granny with benefits

Having spent a considerable amount of time looking at care homes in recent months, it gives me great pleasure to welcome Marilyn Bennett, author of Granny with Benefits, to Linda’s Book Bag today. Granny with Benefits features sheltered accommodation!

Published by Matador, Granny With Benefits is available for purchase here.

Granny With Benefits

Granny with benefits

Grace is thirty-nine and not remotely convinced that life begins at forty.

When her grandmother dies she volunteers to pick up her belongings from the sheltered accommodation. It is the last place she expects to have a chance encounter with the first man she has been instantly attracted to in a very long time, particularly as she is dressed almost head to toe in her grandmother’s clothing and accessories.

Grace’s granny alter ego elicits a conversation with the man about love, death and the universe, which she is convinced would not have happened otherwise. This…

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