Road Tales/Rode Tails (23)

Enjoy Road Tales/Rode Tails – Part 23 from Armond Blackwater’s blog

Armond Blackwater

Who Do You Think You Are?

Dynasty members made a pact on our ride back to the Land Beyond Reality that we wouldn’t breath a word of what transpired in New Orleans. We all had girlfriends back in the Twin Ports and if one of us fell we would all fall. The official story was that all we did in New Orleans was play and see the sights. I spent a couple of hours describing the Audubon Zoo to them, Tulane, and the Garden District to add meat to our collective fib.

The only member that didn’t stray while we were there was Jack Ghostly. Jack had a childhood sweetheart named Jackie. Truer soul mates the world has never seen. Although Jack ogled women along with the rest of us he never acted out his lust. He was a great looking guy and could have nailed his share in NOLA…

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