Writing inspiration -10 places to find ideas

Here’s a great post from Sue Vincent on where to find inspiration for writing.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“I feel a blog post coming on…” The phrase has become a stock joke, particularly from my eldest son with whom I spend a goodly amount of my time. A thought will crop up in discussion and, waxing philosophical we will pursue it down the odd byways of the mind. Conversation, interaction with other minds… that has to be the best source of inspiration you can get, for me.The ideas and analogies thus born form a rich vein of inspiration every day.

In the beginning, though, there were long periods of procrastination, where I would sit in a caffeine fuelled stupor desperately seeking anything to take my mind off the lack of words on the screen. I became a dab hand at all forms of Solitaire and can lose myself in the online bookstores as readily as I can in their musty counterparts in another reality. These days if I…

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