The Archivist — Chapter 11

Check out Chapter 11 of The Archivist, by Anna Dobritt

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Chapter 11

Nickie opened the folder containing the images. “Yuck! Why would anyone want to remove the eyes?”

“Maybe the killer believes the eyes held the last image of what the victim saw when they died. As for the heart, some believe a person’s soul lives in there.”

Curious about the other evidence, Nickie checked the other photos. She gasped at one photo. “Lennie, come look at this!”

Lennie sat beside her, and placed an arm across her shoulders. “Isn’t that interesting? I see you found something at the crime scene no one reported to The Archive.”

He winced. “We will report it after the lab is finished.”

“Damn it, Scott! The your lab techs don’t know what the hell they’re doing when it comes to artifacts! When you found it, you should have called The Archive!”
She grabbed her phone. “This is Archivist First-Class Lenara Lenquil. I wish to…

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