Shado and the Sausage

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Anna Dobritt -- Author

Shado and the Sausage

“Ronne, let’s go out and do something. You’ve been working on those journals for the past three days.” Shado hopped onto the desk and pecked at a pen.

She leaned back and stretched her arms above her head. “I know, but there’s important information in these.”

“Let’s go to the park or something. It’s a beautiful day outside.”

“All right. We’ll go to the park for a couple hours. I can always bring a book to read or something.” She gave the raven a hard look. “Stay away from any shinies you might spot. Your collection is large enough.”

“All right.”

The mouth-watering aroma of sausages and onions altered Ronne’s course. She made her way through the crowd to the Sausage Stand, pulling out her wallet along the way. Shado rode on the top of her pack, greed filling his eyes.

*Don’t forget the mustard on…

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