Road Tales/Rode Tails (18)

Enjoy Road Tales/Rode Tails – Part 18 from Armond Blackwater’s blog

Armond Blackwater

Poison Cookies

            Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band wasn’t officially released until June of 1967 yet Tim O’Neil obtained a copy in early May. He invited me over to his parent’s basement, which was a hangout for seemingly every teen in midtown Superior. I have no idea how he got the advanced copy. He just grinned when I asked him. “It doesn’t matter how I got it, Armond-ski. It only matters that it’s here and it is the greatest album ever fucking recorded.”

He restarted the album from the beginning and I was immediately impressed. This was The Beatles? It didn’t sound like The Beatles. It was far more mature musically than anything I’d heard from them up to that point. I was blown away on first listen.

Tim played the album over and over. It was the only album we would listen to…

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