How To: Build A Mailing List

Check out this post on how to build a mailing list from the Gemstone Author blog

This is a subject I briefly touched on a few days ago so  I thought I’d look into it in more detail.

We will start with what a mailing list actually is:

A mailing list is a list of emails belonging to people who liked your book. If you haven’t got a book out yet, odds are you won’t have a mailing list but its the main thing that will help sell your work in the future. (or so I’ve been told)

In all honesty, I’m new to this mailing list thing but I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt so far.

So, when I heard about mailing lists I began Googling how to get one. After all, it’s not like you automatically know the address of each person who buys your book is.

I’ve discovered and tried, three methods of building a mailing list so far and I’m going…

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