This Week in Indie Publishing


‘It’s no longer about the vanity press’

Self-publishing gains respect — and sales

Vancouver-based author Sharon Rowse was thrilled when after years of trying she finally landed a book deal with a New York publisher.

“It had always been my dream to be published,” Rowse said.

Her novel, a historical crime story that takes place in her home town, had been “a bit of a hard sell” for the American market.

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Writing a Book? Tips for Self-Publishing

There is more to self publishing than just getting a book printed. A good publisher can help you self-publish cheaper than doing it yourself.

If you’re writing a book or you’ve written one, you might be thinking of going the self-publishing route. I have written two books and self-published both. Along the way, I learned a lot, so I thought I’d write a little article to share what I’ve learned. This article is for those who plan to write only one or two books.
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Self-Publish The Bestseller Inside Of You: A How-To

Amazon said, Let us know when you are next in Seattle. We want to do some stuff with you.

I had no plans to be in Seattle. Zero.

So I booked my ticket and called them back. “Guess what! It turns out I’m going to be in Seattle next week.”

Great! Let’s do some videos.

I shot about 20 videos for Amazon. As always, it’s an education to spend time with the largest bookstore in the world.

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The Fine Art Of Getting Your Book Into Store Shelves

So you’ve just finished putting together your first graphic novel. First of all, awesome. Congratulations. You should treat yourself to a nice dinner, and maybe take the rest of the weekend off.

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Pointers To Publishing | Transitions Of The Crossover Author

There are a few authors who are gifted and talented to be able to write in different genres, meaning, an author may write in erotica, spirituality, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. It is very possible to have works in multiple genres coming from one author.

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