Road Tales/Rode Tails (19)

Enjoy Armond Blackwater’s Road Tales/Rode Tails Part 19

Armond Blackwater

Summer 1967

Two years following our migration from New Orleans to Superior, Wisconsin – the most ironically named town on the planet – summer brought less frigid weather. Lake Superior dictates the weather to the region. Being that it is the largest fresh water lake in the world Gitche Gumee (Ojibwa name for big water) controls more than the weather; it controls every facet of life. The lake warms to 38 degrees by August, but in June it is still 35.

A sultry 79 degree day transposes to a bone chilling 51 in minutes once the wind shifts off the lake. The locals affectionately call this the “Lake Effect”. I’ve seen effects before and, believe me, a dip of 28 degrees in less than 90 seconds is more than an effect; it’s a real nut-shrinker.

A peninsula called Wisconsin Point extends into Superior Bay like a thin erect penis, amazingly…

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