Welsh Wednesdays Review: “Sugar Hall” by Tiffany Murray

Check out the book, Sugar Hall, by Tiffany Murray, from Christoph Fischer’s blog


sugar_hall_pbk72.jpgSugar Hall

Tiffany Murray
The book came with a high recommendation by another author, I pursued Tiffany to come to the Llandeilo Lit Fest, but things didn’t work out this time round. My interest was aroused, though, and with her book being part of the reliably great catalogue of Seren  I couldn’t resist getting it.
This is a ghost story with some dark tones and some amazing psychological writing. When a boy reports he can see a different boy with a collar around his neck, his mother doesn’t know how to respond other than to shrug it off as a childish notion.
Yet, as the story progresses, it isn’t just her son who gets affected by the ghost’s appearance.
Murray tells also the story of this mother, not an uninteresting one at that, namely that of a girl coming to Britain from Germany via the Kindertransports of 1938.
There is…

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