Road Tales/Rode Tails (15)

It’s part 15 of Armond Blackwater’s Road Tales/Rode Tails from his blog

Armond Blackwater

Cry Rape

We got back to adding songs to our repertoire late Sunday afternoon. Our combined energy level was low and we only picked up two songs, but they were both great tunes and also proved to be oddly prophetic. Irony struck a strange chord that day.

Black Is Black offered a simple, powerful organ riff; three notes much like 96 Tears but with a pounding energy, so raw and so real. It proved to be a Ted Anderson song. He found the heart and soul of that song. I got chills hearing him sing it.

Mitch Ryder had another great song climbing the chart – that   featured a sizzling Hammond part – titled Devil With A Blue Dress On. It was also tailor made for Rock with lots of screaming emotion and plenty of room for drama.

Drama is exactly what I got shortly after I returned home that…

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