Endorsements And The Writing Journey

Check out this post from Kristina Stanley’s blog on the value of endorsements for your writing.


I once thought that if I wrote a novel that was accepted by a publisher, I could sit back and relax. Have you stopped laughing yet?

So not true. After being accepted by a publisher, the excitement begins. There are the dedication and acknowledgement to write. There is the bio to update. And there are the endorsements. And so much more…

Asking for an endorsement is a big deal, and that’s when my nerves start to act up.  I’m asking someone else not only to take the time to read my novel but to then write a short summary of what they like about it.

For me, writing an endorsement for another author takes about a week…after I’ve read the book. I know my words will be permanently written on the cover or back cover of their book, so they better be good. Hence the week to write it.

Meaning, I understand…

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