Road Tales/Rode Tails (14)

Enjoy Road Tales/Rode Tails Part 14 from Armond Blackwater’s blog

Armond Blackwater

The Coven

By March of ’66 Loading Zone was gigging regularly in the Twin Ports area at various bars, high school proms, wedding receptions, VFW Halls, and American Legion, Eagles, Moose, and Belgian Clubs, as well as ski lodges. We played every weekend and often Wednesday and Thursday nights.

School was boring and senseless. I finished my homework far in advance for most of my subjects. Band practices were cut back to one per week though we frequently blew that one off due to scheduling conflicts. We were tight on the basic repertoire so practices were reserved for learning new songs. Soon we realized that if we all learned our parts individually we could easily put the songs together at the gig. We’d play the new song in the first set (when the crowd was small), talk about any missed chords or changes, or communication issues, and repeated the song…

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