The Archivist — Chapter 10

Check out chapter 10 of The Archivist by Anna Dobritt from her blog.

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Chapter 10

Lennie dropped the bags on the sofa. “Whew! That’s the last of them. Take a short break, Nickie. You look a little tired. I need to put in the order for the pizzas, and then put the groceries away.”

Nickie collapsed on the sofa. “I never knew shopping could tire a person out.”

Lennie patted her arm as she walked by, “The shots you received are making you tired as well. I’ll help you get the TV set up in your bedroom.”

“Thanks.” She lit a cigarette. “So what was in the Scryer report?”

“You can read it after Scott leaves.”

“Would you at least give me a hint? You had a strange look on your face after you read it.”

“Nope. No hint.” Lennie headed for her study. “Why don’t you get your laptop and get the registration taken care of? That shouldn’t wear you out.”


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