Guest post: Jerry E. Smith – Dirty Windows

Check out this guest post by Jerry E. Smith via Sue Vincent’s blog

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

picture of girl on phone behid dirty window

The struggle with the problems of life, daily steals our bliss,

Seldom seeing farther than phone at the end of our arm.

Our dramas revolve around the imagined theft of a kiss,

Or the exaggerated events in the news, showing harm.


We fail to consider, that we are looking out at events

Through a dirty window, the images are all distorted.

Reality is seldom what we see; not what life presents,

What our spirit sees and craves, is by our own minds aborted.


To let your mind’s eye see; clean off that spiritual window,

Remove the dirt of hate and envy, wipe off the rain of tears.

When you see more clearly, that the world with beauty billows,

The crystalline light of love shines through the clouds

And the sky clears.

author-profile-image-jpegJerry Smith is a professional musician, living in Atlanta, Georgia.

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