Celebrating Indie Publishing: @urbanebooks #fridayreads

Check out the book, Imperfection, by Ray Clark, from this post on The Quiet Knitter blog

The Quiet Knitter

Welcome along to another post to celebrate Indie Publishing!  I am delighted to introduce you to another of Urbane Publications books and authors.  This time the book in question is the brilliant thriller “Imperfection” by Ray Clark and we will be shining a light in the eyes of Rose McGinty to find out the secrets of her writing success.

Book Feature:


Published: 30 March 2017


“For long weary months I have awaited this hour.”

A haunting message scrawled on the dressing room wall of a theatre: the scene of the first murder. It had been written using the blood from the victim, previously drained in a separate location.

At the autopsy, D.I. Gardener and D.S. Reilly are shown a riddle carved into the chest of the corpse, informing them there would be more.

Their efforts to find out why are continually blocked by a wall of contradiction, with little…

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