4 Great Books from Indie Authors

Check out this post from the Word Dreams blog to learn about four great books from indie authors

My writing PLN (professional Learning Network) pretty much revolves around blogs and the authors who share their insights and advice through the online blogs. When I have a question, I often go there first, before digging through my shelves of self-help writing books. Along the way, I’ve read many of their books. Here, I want to share those that I’ve particularly enjoy and think you might too.

  • Moonless — a 1700’s girl becomes beautiful overnight, falls in love, and finds nothing she thought she knew was true
  • Mornings in Two Pan — the humorous, sometimes droll story of life lived in the slow lane
  • Serenity Stalked — Shelby Alexander returns, this time to stop a serial killer who’s stalking Serenity, MI
  • Social Engineera black hat social engineering how-to shared in an interesting geeky plot



by Crystal Collier

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Though set in the…

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