Road Tales/Rode Tails (10)

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Armond Blackwater

The Loft

I dined with the Lafontaine family that night – there were at least 15 people living in that house – on venison, wild rice, gravy, cat tail roots cooked by their grandmother and mother. The meal was delicious. The Lafontaine women could really cook.

The Lafontaine tribe came from the Bad River Band of Ojibwa or Chippewa. Ojibwa and Chippewa are used interchangeably in northern Wisconsin. (The name Wisconsin is said to originate from a French pronunciation of an Ojibwa word: Oui-scon-sin, which translates roughly to Bountiful Land.) There is one major difference between the Red Cliff Band and the Bad River Band of Ojibwa. The Red Cliff band was strongly influenced by Jesuit’s like Father Marquette. Red Cliff Indians accepted the teachings of the Catholic Church whereas the Bad River Ojibwa did not. In fact, Bad River chiefs outright rejected and denounced the Catholic Church. Missing from…

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