Too Long

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Anna Dobritt -- Author

Too Long

Bullets kicked up the dirt piled atop the trench’s lip. Jimmy worked to fix the jammed weapon, he needed to return fire. “We’ve got another group moving in on our ten! See if you can pin them down!”

Ben nodded, and crawled through the muck to gain a better position. He avoided the tarp-covered object in his path. “Jimmy, if you can’t get the damn thing fixed, toss the pineapples at them!”

“But the captain said not to use them. We’re running low on supplies and the convoy is two days late.” He freed the magazine, slapping a fresh one in. He scrambled up the side of the trench, and opened fire. The spent cartridges flew past his face, one burning his ear. “If we can hold them to their current position, the captain will order an air strike on them.”

“Damn officer should’ve ordered the air strike…

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