The Kicking the Bucket List by @CathyHopkins1 #review @fictionpubteam

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When Iris Parker dies, she is determined that her death will bring her three daughters (her dollies as she calls them) back together again. “She cared deeply that you should all be happy in your lives and she regretted that you are no longer close.” They are three very different characters and over the years have drifted apart, though not after any major fall outs. Iris has put a condition in her will which means that her daughters, Rose, Daisy and Fleur, must spend six weekends together carrying out various tasks she has set them in order to inherit what must be some considerable wealth. All the tasks she has planned involve them not only spending time together but hopefully realising and appreciating the various different ways that people can feel happiness and contentment. “The list looks at some of the different approaches to finding happiness….. Of course, that happiness…

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