Road Tales/Rode Tails (9)

Here is Part 9 of Armond Blackwater’s saga, Road Tales/Rode Tails

Armond Blackwater

 New School

My new school was called Central Junior High. It was located at Belknap Street and Cumming Avenue. It would be a few months before I got the joke about the name of the avenue. Even though I’d played strip clubs in Fat City, I was still terribly naïve. I still thought that head was a body part that sat on the shoulders. And that dick was a nickname for Richard.

The school was a brownstone monstrosity that had originally been the high school in Superior back when there were fewer people. My dad had gone to this school but quit in the 11th grade to join the Army in WWII.

In front of the school stood a large bust of Jim Dan Hill, a industrialist who made his fortune building a railroad with government money and original growth trees from the surrounding forests. I took this statue…

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