The Little Theatre by the Sea by Rosanna Ley #review

Check out the book, The Little Theatre by the Sea, by Rosanna Ley as reviewed on the Portobello Book club

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In The Little Theatre by the Sea – or Il Piccolo Teatro which sounds so much more romantic somehow – we follow Faye as she is invited by her friend to stay for a few weeks in Sardinia and work on the restoration of the small village of Deriu’s theatre. Faye is a newly qualified interior designer and this sounds like a dream job. However, it isn’t as straightforward as it seems. There is a long-standing feud between some of the villagers who believe it should be owned by the community and the rather gorgeous Alessandro Rinaldi and his sister Marisa who are the actual owners. Then there is Pasquale who used to act in the theatre with their mother, Sofia Rinaldi. He clings to his memories and does not want the theatre changed. Faye also faces the challenge of problems in her parents marriage surfacing when she is so…

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