The Importance Of Author Endorsements

Check out this post from Kristina Stanley’s blog on the importance of author endorsements

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Many of you know I’ve sold the eBook and print rights for my upcoming novel LOOK THE OTHER WAY to Imajin Books.

Now the publishing journey moves quickly. Imajin Books has a fast paced schedule and I need to keep up.

In my book, The Author’s Guide To Selling Books to Non-Bookstores, I wrote about the importance of endorsements. Here’s a little excerpt:

AGTSBNBWhy Are Endorsement Important

When you take your book to a store, endorsements on the front and back cover will add legitimacy to your books. That’s promotional material every time someone picks up your novel.

I believe this is more important for printed books than eBooks. The image of your book cover online may be too small for a potential buyer to read the endorsements. In a store, the endorsements may just give you an edge over other books on the shelf.

The endorsements that go on…

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