Road Tales/Rode Tails (8)

Enjoy Part 8 of Armond Blackwater’s epic, Road Tales/Rode Tail.

Armond Blackwater

New Res Life

Our new house was a tiny two-story, two-bedroom on a remote street with four other houses. The nearest houses sat one mile to the north. The next nearest were 5 miles south in a part of town called South Superior. East End settlement began 6 miles to the east and 7 miles to west lay Billings Park. I couldn’t help but wonder how we weren’t on the reservation any more. We started out just as poor as we were before, there were even fewer kids here my age than on Red Cliff, and we were farther from other people.

At age 12, this was the first actual house that I lived in with my parents. One welcome feature to this house was the indoor bathroom with a claw-foot cast iron bathtub. We didn’t have a bath tub in Desire. I would take sponge baths from a large…

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