Road Tales/Rode Tails (7)

Here is Part 7 of Armond Blackwater’s work, Road Tales/Rode Tail.

Armond Blackwater

Res Life

Our first residence was a crappy little pale blue trailer on the Red Cliff Reservation near Bayfield on the banks of Gitche Gumee. I immediately made friends with other Indian kids my age. They were really cool people, human beings as they referred to themselves. We played on the shores of the big water, occasionally dipping ourselves to cool off in the 38 degree lake. When I left Louisiana the temperature was 95 every day with 90% humidity. The Mississippi River hovered around 88 degrees. In Red Cliff if the temperature reached 80 everybody started complaining about the excessive heat. To me it felt great and relatively cool. To them it was torturously hot, hence the need to immerse in the frigid lake.

Lake Superior never rises above 38 degrees. I certainly didn’t expect that. The Gulf never dropped below 50 degrees in the depths of winter, hit…

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