Why Would Anyone Want To Know #me

Get to know more about author Geoff Lepard from this post on his blog.


I stopped doing Blog Awards a while ago; I didnt go for the nomination stuff. They often included some questions about yourself and whatnot. But as I’m away and this is pre-done I can pretend I’m not really doing it as a result (or something like that). So this came from Willow so you know who to blame…

1. Share your profile picture if you have one.

I have so many… here are a few I’ve used

2. Who are you named after?   Geoffrey Chaucer; either my parents wanted me to write or they expected me to speak in undiluted Anglo-Saxon – possibly both are now true as a potty-mouthed author…

3. Do you like your handwriting?   Oh come off it; I’m a 60 year old male ex lawyer; it would be more readable if I spat at the page

4. Longest relationship?  Erm, 230 miles…

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