Do you think it’s important to hook fast?

Check out this article on hooking your reader from Jean’s Writing blog

Jean's Writing

A reader that is.

How soon should a reader expect to feel the tug of a hook? That ah-ha moment that keeps them turning the page?


First paragraph, page, or chapter?

At times I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I’ll mess with an opening until I feel that tug myself. Then I can continue writing. Often I’ll rewrite the beginning of a story a dozen times before I feel happy with it. I’m not talking about grammar mistakes. Those are easy fixes by an editor. I’m talking about that “feeling.”

There are a lot of do’s and do not’s but the most important rule to me is “feeling” that tug. That knowing hook.

I’ll be buzzing right along in the middle of a scene when bam, I know something is wrong. The line broke. I have to go back and fix my hook and bait. Wiggle the line until once…

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