Change of Life by Anne Stormont #review @writeanne

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Change of Life by [Stormont, Anne]

Rosie is starting to feel more than a little taken by granted by her family. Despite being a busy primary school teacher, a job she loves, she is still expected to do pretty much everything at home for her heart surgeon husband Tom and their four children. I expect that many working mums will have a lot of sympathy for her! She really wishes that her family would just think occasionally about helping out a bit round the house and that her life could change a bit. What she doesn’t know is that it is about to change dramatically. While driving she hits a teenage boy, just a glancing blow really, and a secret which her husband has long held is suddenly exposed. At the same time, she is diagnosed with breast cancer. With her life seeming to be spiralling out of control, Rosie makes the decision to leave home…

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